March 15, 2012

Flat Sam in Korea

The Rock Traveler received a nice visit from Flat Sam last month – all the way from New England! Cousin Christopher and Kelly asked me to help their son, Samuel, age 7, with his project in elementary school.

Some of you my remember the 1964 Harper-Collins book “Flat Stanley,” written by Jeff Brown and featuring the title character, Stanley Lambchop. As part of Sammy’s class project to integrate, travel, geography, and letter-writing, I received a similar “Flat Sammy” last month andĀ proceededĀ to photograph him having adventures with me here in Korea.


(Click on each individual image to view full size)

I later returned Flat Sam in a self-addressed stamped envelope to A.M. Chaffee Elementary School in Oxford, Massachusetts, with these photos, a travel map of Daejeon, some Korean gum and and 6,000 Korean Won.

Safe travels, Flat Sammy. Thanks for visiting South Korea with The Rock Traveler.