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January 21, 2013

Tomatillo Itaewon


So as Josh and I were looking for a good place for his farewell dinner back in November (see Farewell Joshua, Dec 12th), we happily stumbled upon the Itaewon location of the international Mexican chain, Tomatillo.

Located almost directly behind the Hamilton Hotel (Line 6, Exit 2), Tomatillo appeared as if a brilliant cilantro-laced mirage both of us were seeing at the same time. Any ideas of a last night in Korea barbecue dinner were bid “adios” as we entered eagerly, without hesitation, and with very little discussion.

The sights, smells, and general decor were not that far removed from what we have come to expect from Chipotle back home, and the similar, yet more extensive menu made choosing deliciously difficult. This was the first time eating here as we were both unfamiliar with locations near us back in the States. After staring at all the ingredients and grill just inside the entry, we smiled in agreement that fate had dealt us a tasty hand. After some deliberation and confusion, we both opted for burrito combo meals (Chicken and Steak respectively), complete with smallish sides of chips and salsa, rice and beans, and two big delicious fountain Coca-Colas. Tomatillo also features 4 micro brews on tap, exclusively from North Fort Brewing Company, that all looked terrific.

Although you are given a beeper and everything takes a while longer than Chipotle, that night, everything was worth the wait. Having also had Taco Bell in Korea recently, which was a major disappointment, our dinner combos were better than my experience at O’Taco in Busan (see Busan Book Run, Oct 1). My reviews of Mexican food in Korea are currently graded on the “How-Long-Has-It-Been-Since-You-Had-ANY-Mexican-Food” sliding scale. This scale, when multiplied by your relative hunger at the time, can definitely make an ordinary chain restaurant experience a memorable feast.

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Our meals that night were of this order and were completely filling. Not as good or fresh overall as Chipotle, yet nowhere near as disastrous as my Itaewon Taco Bell fiasco (it tasted good at the time but it was, in fact, terrible). Adding to the equation the bittersweet nature of Josh leaving for home the next morning, Tomatillo scored high on service, value, atmosphere, and the all-out joy factor of the comforts of home.

Some other expats we met there that night highly recommended Vatos Urban Tacos across the street for a better overall experience, but Vatos’ has been closed on the 2 previous times I attempted to dine there. Perhaps the third time will be the charm, but until then, I have fond memories of my visit to Tomatillo and I would happily eat there again on my next visit to Seoul.


January 17, 2013

If I was…









I found this terrific idea on a wonderful blog called Thrift Candy, so I decided to give it a spin. Thank you Missa, Anne, and Milla.

If I was…

If I was a month, I’d be September
If I was a day of the week, I’d be Thursday (Afternoon)
If I was a time of day, I’d be dusk
If I was a planet, I’d be Jupiter
If I was an animal of the sea, I’d be a Humpback Whale
If I was a direction, I’d be due North
If I was a piece of furniture, I’d be a Davenport
If I was a liquid, I’d be turkey gravy
If I was a gemstone, I’d be Amethyst
If I was a tree, I’d be a Silver Maple
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If I was a tool, I’d be a leaf rake
If I was a material, I’d be Alabaster
If I was a flower, I’d be a Tiger Lily
If I was a musical instrument, I’d be a Cello
If I was a color, I’d be (deep) purple
If I was an emotion, I’d be indignation
If I was a fruit, I’d be a pineapple
If I was a sound, I’d be a distant foghorn
If I was an element, I’d be Neon
If I was an automobile, I’d be a VW Camper Van
If I was a food, I’d be grilled cheese
If I was a taste, I’d be dark chocolate
If I was a scent, I’d be freshly roasted coffee
If I was a place, I’d be a lighthouse
If I was a kind of weather, I’d be a lazy thunderstorm